Anticipation—Instead of Apprehension or Resignation

According to recent studies, the number one fear of those approaching retirement is outlasting their retirement nest egg.

But what if you could enter retirement with anticipation of all the new activities and experiences to come—rather than fearing what might happen or, even worse, feeling resigned that there is nothing you can do to improve your retirement lifestyle.

To help our clients chart their financial path we created the The DASH FORMula™. Our purpose is to cushion the effects of critical financial events in your life to ensure you achieve your wealth and lifestyle goals.

We start with three key steps:

  • Learning Your Goals and Objectives
  • Addressing Your Critical and Life Events
  • Overlaying Our Proven Process to Find Solutions
And we don’t do it alone. We take a collaborative approach and work with other professionals who play important roles, including Legal Advisors, Tax Advisors and Estate Advisors.

As shown in the graphic below, the crossover between these Financial and Life Events (What Matters) and events we can Control is the DASH.

That’s where we focus our financial and retirement planning efforts. The FORM in our FORMula represents your Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money. The first three are WHY you will want to create your plan, the last is HOW you’ll get there.

We offer a Philosophy, Planning Strategy and Process to help you anticipate and plan for financial challenges, allowing us to Discover, Design and Deploy your own personal financial plan.