Educational Workshops

Register for an upcoming workshop on Retirement Planning, Social Security Optimization, College Planning, Required Minimum Distributions Educational, and more! Workshops are limited in size. You must register in advance.


What Our Workshop Participants Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let the ones who’ve attended a workshop do the talking!

“By attending a retirement workshop, I was able to learn all of the proper ways to file for social security, understand how I can work to reduce tax during retirement and more importantly create a solid plan for my inevitable retirement age.”

Ryan Chamman

“When it came to the retirement workshop hosted by Capital Resource Group, I was amazed at the amount of relevant information that was provided to me and for my loved ones. I highly recommend that all of those within the ages of 50-60 attend this workshop as it has many long-term educational benefits!”

Cindy Knowl

“I can honestly say that this workshop was well worth my time. The learning provided here is not easily found anywhere else. It’s been an eye-opener for what can be done to secure my financial future. Thank you for that Capital Resource Group!”

Richard Alato

Taught by Trusted Retirement Planners

Hosting our workshops is the expert at our office, Houston Harrison. A retirement planning specialist, Houston is a real technician when it comes to strategic planning. Having worked with corporate executives at companies like Walmart, Tyson Foods, J.B. Hunt, Boeing, Microsoft, as well as numerous professionals and business owners over a 25+ year career, Houston is someone you can trust to provide you with applicable solutions and strategies that are customized for your situation and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these workshops meant for single/divorced individuals or married/widowed couples?

We help individuals, couples, families, trustees, businesses, and non-profits to optimize the structure and efficiency of their financial lives. We do this by our structure of independence, and by bringing best-in-class strategies and product solutions to bear in each unique client situation.

What is the main benefit of attending a workshop you host?

Workshop participants who work with our firm experience a clarity concerning directions as they approach retirement, and a confidence of knowing that once retired, they are taking advantage of best-in-class strategies to maximum their income in the most tax-efficient manner.

Do you provide any type of Social Security resources for attendees?

We provide a comprehensive Social Security optimization analysis based on the expected life expectancy you provide to our team of financial professionals. We will coordinate this income with other asset distribution sequencing to minimize taxation.

Will this workshop help me discover my ideal retirement age?

Attendees of our workshops want to know three things: 1) Is their current level of assets and rate of savings sufficient to retire at a stated date or age, 2) If not, what is the age at which they could retire given their current amount of assets and rate of savings, and 3) Whether they are okay at current levels, need to save more or retire later, what are the best strategies to lower risk and minimize taxation to provide a better chance of reaching retirement goals.

How long are the workshops? How frequently are they held?

The workshops will start on time, will last one hour, and each topic is covered on a quarterly or semi-annual basis in your area.

What do I need to bring to better understand and prepare myself?

Participants should come willing to learn and prepared to hear ideas that will take away the financial stresses they’ve been feeling.  Bring your spouse so you each can generate your own perspective and can talk about what you learned after the workshop.